Mont-de-Marsan takes the lead of the Pro D2 after its success against Oyonnax

Mont-de-Marsan is the new leader of the Pro D2. Second before this shock of the fourth day, the Montois dominated Oyonnax (26-15). However, the visitors started strong with a solo try from Fijian Joe Ravouvou, transformed by Jules Soulan (5th, 3-7). But Wame Naituvi's response launched Mont-de-Marsan. Ravouvou's compatriot managed a try from almost 80 meters (13th, 8-7). Dominating, the Yellows and Blacks materialized thanks to two achievements signed Alexandre De Nardi (19th then 38th).

After this first period raised, the second act was more closed. In control, the Montois worsened the score thanks to two penalties transformed by Laousse Azpiazu (68th, 26-10), before cashing a try, scored for the honor by the Oyonnaxiens and Kévin Lebreton on the last action. In the standings, Stade Montois therefore overtakes Rouen, beaten in Grenoble. Oyonnax falls to 6th place.

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