“More expensive for less services”: Disneyland subscribers outraged by the prices of annual pes

This is an announcement that was eagerly awaited by fans of Europe’s largest amut park. Disneyland Paris has just unveiled its new offers for annual pes, available from July 19. And the least we can say is that it does not make many happy. It must be said that this anger between the members of the annual p and the amut park goes back several months already.

Last October, annual p customers denounced an “unfair system” due to the reservation methods implemented by the amut park since the Covid-19. Indeed, with the gauges established, certain slots were full for the annual p but were available for customers buying tickets at the clic price.

As a result of this anger and a demonstration organized in front of the amut park, Disneyland Paris announced at the end of March the development of a new range of products for annual pes “based on valuable feedback” from its customers. Four months later, the promise does not seem to be kept.

200 euros increase for the most expensive annual p

The famous amut park has therefore presented its new range with one less offer, more expensive offers and less advantageous reductions. When the old range offered four annual offers at 219, 319, 369 and 499 euros, it now only offers three at 289, 499 and 699 euros. On the reduction side, the discount in the shops goes for example from 20% to 15% for Gold members.

⚠️ NEWS ALERT! Disneyland Paris unveils its new Annual P range: Disneyland P.

3 new Pes will be available from July 19: Bronze (€289) Silver (€499) and Gold (€699), only for renewal at launch. pic.twitter.com/Eps3GBXc91

—DLP Dream (@DreamDlp) July 11, 2023

The website Cultea.com points out that while the annual p has always been an investment, it paid for itself thanks to the included benefits which have now disappeared. For example, the special entrance for holders of this sesame will disappear, as will Parking Infinity, which was reserved for holders of the p of the same name.

One of the hardest blows to collect is the replacement of the Privilege Tickets, these tickets at reduced rates intended for the guests of the holders of the annual p. They will probably be replaced by “good one-off plans”, which have not yet been revealed.

Free bag storage, designated areas for the fireworks, and free stroller and wheelchair rentals will also be gone.

“For me, it’s over in January”

After this announcement, comments from insurgent subscribers have multiplied on social networks, with many of them wanting to end their subscription. Indeed, many believe that the price increase comes at a time when the park offers no improvements.

“More expensive for less service. You should be ashamed! For me it’s over in January, “comments a user used to the amut park since 1997, on the Facebook page Disneyland P by Disneyland Paris.

#Disneyland Paris I wonder why we bother filling out your surveys #AnnualP

Instead of retaining “your biggest Fans”

You removed all -> what was causing us to take an AP.

Stroller rental: Deleted
Wheelchair rental: Deleted… pic.twitter.com/FePGPoOC7P

— Sami – Hello Parks (@Sami_Parks) July 11, 2023

So if I understood correctly, we withdraw half of the advantages, but we still increase the price? Well it will be without me. I finish my current P, and the magic will stop there! 😔 #AnnualP #Disneyland Paris

— The Little Pumpkin Adventures 🎃 🦊 (@EmelineRZ) July 11, 2023

The new range of annual pes from #Disneyland Paris is a scandal

More expensive for less benefit?!

Any sense. It’s just a huge scam advertised overnight.

And they remove benefits from July 19 on old pes (still active and in payment)… pic.twitter.com/2GIjABm4WR

— Lily Bored (@Lily_s_bored) July 11, 2023

“And this is how Disneyland Paris continues to make fun of its most loyal visitors! We raise the prices and we remove the privileges! While pretending that it was the PA holders who asked for it! “, criticizes another on the same Facebook page.

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