Mortal crash of Gorgo, friends escape: tracked down after hours. Investigate the two drivers

Mortal crash of Gorgo, friends escape: tracked down after hours.  Investigate the two drivers

From the Tribune of Treviso

While the four friends were stuck inside the crashed BMW on the plane tree, they ran away from the crash site. A call to Suem118 to sound the alarm, in the hope that the friends were all alive, and then the escape. The prosecutors have no doubts: the boys, and in particular, the driver of the Polo involved in the Gorgo al Monticano accident, were tracked down hours later.

The boy driving was subjected to alcohol tests and toxicological tests long after the accident in which Eralda Spahillari, 19, and Barbara Brotto, 17, lost their lives at midnight on Saturday. The conditions of Mikele Tatani, the 19-year-old from Pravisdomini at the wheel of the BMW, and Daniel Castelli, the eighteen-year-old from Motta di Livenza remain very serious; hospitalized in intensive care in Treviso and Mestre.

Treviso accident, Barbara Brotto in an old video on TikTok to her boyfriend: “There is no need to run by car”

The prosecutor has opened an investigation into the accident in via Sant’Antonino. In the next few days, probably as early as Tuesday, the drivers of the two cars will be registered in the register of road homicide suspects. An almost obligatory act. There are no great doubts about the dynamics of the crash: the Volkswagen Polo was on the right-hand lane of via Sant’Antonino, while the BMW 420 swerved to the left to overtake it.

The cars touched. On the Polo the signs of the contact: the broken mirror and the black marks on the front of the left side. Then the crash of the BMW against the plane tree. A stunt at 140 km/h, a challenge that proved to be deadly.

The carabinieri went looking for cameras to understand if it was a race, «but we have no elements to confirm it. There are no cameras that filmed the accident and the moments preceding it,” said chief prosecutor Marco Martani. Investigators are looking for witnesses. The Public Prosecutor’s Office will order a kinematic report to define the dynamics of the accident and how the contact between the two cars occurred. Also for this reason the driver of the Polo will be investigated, to give him the opportunity to participate with a biased consultant.

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