Mostafa Mohamed (Nantes) explains after his refusal to play in Toulouse

On Sunday, Mostafa Mohamed did not play with Nantes in Toulouse (0-0), because the attacker did not want to wear a flocked jersey in rainbow colors as part of the action of the LFP in order to fight against phobia. Initially, the Egyptian wanted to play this meeting, but this day of fight against these discriminations in football woke up pressures already suffered by his family a few weeks ago, when he chose to break his fast on match day so he could continue to take part.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, Mohamed wanted to explain himself on his Twitter account. Here is his post in full: “I did not take part in the Toulouse-Nantes match today. I don’t want to argue at all but I have to state my position. Respect for differences would mean respect for others, respect for oneself, respect for what will be shared and what will remain different. I respect all differences. I respect all beliefs and convictions. This respect extends to others but also includes respect for my personal beliefs. Given my roots, my culture, the importance of my convictions and beliefs, it was not possible for me to participate in this campaign. I hope that my decision will be respected, as well as my wish not to argue about this and that everyone is treated with respect. »

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