Mother, the moving and funny conclusion to Wajdi Mouawad’s trilogy

CRITICAL – The Franco-Lebanese playwright takes over at the Théâtre de La Colline, where he directs the last part of his saga on the family. To be applauded urgently until June 4th.

Alone on the set, after being advised to unwrap his sweets before the show because of the noise, Wajdi Mouawad confides to the spectator: “I haven’t cried since my mother diedon December 17, 1987, in Montreal, where she was buried during a snowstorm.

The author and director recounts the relationship he had with his mother, miserly in tenderness (prodigious Aïda Sabra). In the 1970s, she fled the civil war in Lebanon with her daughter Nayla (Odette Makhlouf, stunning), an eldest son whose voice we only hear and the youngest, Wajdi (Dany Aridi, Élie Bou Saba or Loucas Ibrahim), but life in an apartment in Paris unbearable.

“We will be home soon”she repeats angrily, preparing the meals. “Wajdi is vacuuming the corners!”. As soon as the phone rings, she answers, hoping to speak to her husband who has remained in Beirut. Every evening, she watches the 8 p.m. newspaper, watching for bad news. Christine Ockrent…

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