Moundir reveals his salary in “Touche pas à mon poste!”

By Cécile Brelot

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Moundir spoke without filter about his salary in “TPMP” in “Chez Jordan” Monday September 11, 2023 C8 screenshot

New this season, Cyril Hanouna’s columnist revealed the amount he received per broadcast on C8.

A cash response. For this new season of ” Do not touch My TV! », Cyril Hanouna has given his band of columnists a makeover. If the recruitment of Ségolène Royal has caused a lot of talk, other names were also eagerly awaited. This is the case of Moundir Zoughari who has sat at the table of the C8 talk show since September 4.

Known for his outspokenness, the former adventurer had already confided at the end of August to TV Magazine on this new role for which he will not change one iota. “I have been on TV for more than 20 years, first as a candidate then as a presenter. I know behind the scenes, I know my personality and I know what I can bring to the show,” he ured considering “not be one of those who will remain silent”.

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Invited this Monday on the set of “Chez Jordan” on C8, the recruit of Cyril Hanouna was full of praise for “Don’t touch my post!” “. “When I sit on set, I sit with my family. There are relatives in Algeria who watch the show and who have sent me messages. It’s true that when you arrive in TPMPit’s a great boat”told the ex-bachelor of “Moundir, the adventurer of love”.

Better paid than Ségolène Royal?

The one who has also been a host of various reality TV programs has not hidden that his main motivation remains to provide for the needs of his loved ones including his wife Inès and their three children. Faced with Jordan Deluxe, Moundir responded without filter that he touched “1000 euros per issue”. An amount that made his interlocutor react. “You are one of the highest paid people on set”said the interviewer before the columnist qualified this information with a simple ” I don’t know “. On France Info on August 31, Cyril Hanouna estimated that Ségolène Royal would receive an amount “between 300 and 500 euros per issue”. A range well below that of the former host of
“Apprentice Adventurers”.

The salary of the columnists of “Touche pas à mon poste!” » remains the object of curiosity from year to year. Last season, Géraldine Maillet had confided that he received 800 euros per evening on the set of the talk show. A sum which would have already been “well below Matthieu Delormeau, Bernard Montiel and Benjamin Castaldi”.

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