Mourão defends Republicans based in Leite and support for Melo’s re-election

Senator from Rio Grande do Sul and former Vice President of the Republic, General Hamilton Mourao (REP) defended his party’s entry into the base of governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) and immediate support for re-election of the mayor of Porto AlegreSebastião Melo, in the 2024 municipal elections.
Mourão is in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, where he was supposed to participate in the parade in celebration of the 7th of September, canceled due to the tragedy of floods in the stateand gave a press conference this Wednesday (6), when asked about the topics before his lecture at the event Tá Na Mesa, sponsored by Federasul.

The senator defended the entry of his party to Leite’s allied base in the Legislative embly. “If our party is effectively invited (to join the base), despite there being a certain discussion among our deputies – we have five and it is three to two in favor of joining – I think it would be good for the party”.

The Republicans have five state deputies, having the fourth largest bench in the Gaucho Parliament, alongside PSDB and PL, and behind PT (11), PP (7) and MDB (6). Since the beginning of the year, the party has positioned itself as independent, but some of its members participated in meetings in which Leite summoned grroots parties to the Piratini Palace and a government membership has never been categorically ruled out.

In a possible negotiation between the Executive and the party, the coordinator of the Rio Grande do Sul caucus of the National Congress, federal deputy Carlos Gomes (Rep), would be being quoted to ume a state secretariat. “We have Carlos Gomes, we have Ronaldo Nogueira who was once a minister, we have staff to cooperate with Eduardo’s government”, suggested Mourão.

“I consider Eduardo Leite an excellent governor. He did an excellent job in the first term, as well as in the second. He is someone who has a future in the country as a national leader”, said the reserve general.

Mourão indicated that he does not see Leite only as a leader with national potential, but also as an alternative country. When asked if he could be a political heir by former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL, 2019-2022), declared ineligible by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), deconverted. He said he doesn’t see himself that way and mentioned other leaders with more political-electoral capital. Among them, the Gaucho governor.

“I don’t see myself that way. There are other politicians who have greater projection, such as Tarcísio (de Freitas, governor of São Paulo for the Republicans), (Romeu) Zema (governor of Minas Gerais for the Novo), Eduardo himself who is another name cited as a future presidential candidate” , he declared.

Among those mentioned, Mourão believes that the main name to lead the Brazilian right in an eventual attempt to retake the presidency of the Republic in the 2026 general elections is Tarcísio.

mourao too did not rule out a return from Bolsonaro himself: “Here in Brazil everything is smoky. Let’s remember that two years ago the current president was ineligible (Lula). So, Bolsonaro can be ineligible today and in two years he can be back in the game”.

For Mourão, the party must position itself ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Melo in the 2024 elections

General Hamilton Mourão defended that the Republicans promptly support a future candidacy for the mayor of Porto Alegre, Sebastião Melo (MDB), for re-election. The acronym today discusses its strategies for the 2024 municipal elections, when voters from 497 cities in Rio Grande do Sul vote for mayors and councilors.

By praising the mayor – who supported his own candidacy for the Federal Senate in the 2022 elections – Mourão stated that this support should be immediate. “In the case of Porto Alegre, we are still discussing. In my view, I think the party should support Melo’s re-election ‘right away’. I have deep appreciation and think he is an extraordinary manager. I think it would be very good party put itself ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Melo from now on”, he declared, in a press conference that preceded his lecture at the Tá Na Mesa event, promoted by Federasul.

While a decision is being formed behind the scenes of party politics in the Capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the Republicans seek to attract Rio Grande do Sul leaders to strengthen the legend in the big cities of the State.

“The party has been recruiting for 2024. Today, many mayors are migrating to the Republicans, which is attracting a lot of people. We are discussing strategies for the biggest cities”, said Mourão.

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