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Rahmi Turan

Release: 21 May 2023

YesA significant part of our people make big mistakes while using the game, but…

People don’t get angry!

We should question ourselves because we are not able to adequately inform our people and save them from the darkness of ignorance.

Today 85 million our population “State social istance” of 60 million Did you know that he lives with

The number of those who receive social istance from the state because they have no job, no income from anywhere AKP in the period 60 million It has reached such a frightening figure…

Fatherland Party’of old General President economist Nesrin Nas announced this frightening number… If the one who made the explanation Nesrin Nas I wouldn’t have believed it if it weren’t for a serious politician like him.

Nas, AKP with Türkiye’one of 5 years He stated that the consequences of his ping would be very severe:

“The number of people living on social istance in the country is 60 million” said.

Our population 85 million It means that two out of every three people will starve if they do not receive social istance!


Nesrin Nas, if there is no change, Türkiye’of the Argentinianization beyond Venezuelan’has concerns that it will start to look like.

An important part of the poor families who receive poverty pension every month, use this money to themselves. President of AKPHe thinks that the government gives from his own pocket and thinks that these aids will be cut if the government changes.

However, the money is managed by the state. Fak-Fuk-FundIt is paid from but what should the poor know about it? AKPHe thinks he gave it!


November 9, 1990‘also President the one which… Turgut Ozalabout a year ago Prime minister while “Social istance and Solidarity Encouragement Fund” had established.

This fund, which was established to help the poor, is publicly available. “Poor Poor Fund”, abbreviated name “Fak-Fuk-Fund” it was said.

AKP When he came to power, he turned this fund into an institution that distributes money not only to the poor but also to the supporters.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu‘s statement that social istance will definitely continue to all poor families receiving state aid, and even:

“Whatever they give you, I will give more” he has to say.

Mr. Kemalthat he is on the side of the poor “Fak-Fuk-Fund”He needs to tell the folks.

A dagger from the IYI Party to the alliance!

People’s Alliancecandidate of Kemal Kilicdaroglu He is making great efforts to win the election and making an admirable effort. But…

other leaders of the alliance (Except Meral Akşener) I’m not sure they’re making the same effort.

Some GOOD Party‘s Nation AllianceHe’s trying to undermine. One final example:

Ankara 2nd Region’elected deputy from Adnan Beker from the IYI Party‘s speech as soon as possible is no different from treason!

This guy, Six TablesHe is doing his best to destroy her. The saddest side of things GOOD Party management does not warn these types of people. Look at what the man said here and there:

“Our citizens did not turn to an alliance with HDP-Qandil relations. It’s that simple. Frankly, this was the issue that we had the biggest difficulty in our dialogue with the voters.”

A divisive, divisive statement… If you think that way, why? Six Table’did you sit?

Nation AllianceIt’s a dagger stuck in! Brutus dagger!


“Do you know who I am?”

Late at night, the ski masked thief intercepted a well-dressed, elegant man and drew his revolver, shouting:

“Give me your money!”

The rich-looking man looked at her with disdain and replied confidently:

“Do you know who I am? I am an important politician!”

“In that case” said the thief “Give me my money!”


There are 7 days left until the final in the election, but time is always ticking!

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