Mr. Macron ures that “there cannot be the Russian flag at the Paris Games”

French President Emmanuel Macron felt he could not “not having the Russian flag at the Games” Paris Olympics, in a daily interview The Team published Wednesday, September 6 in the evening. “I think there is a consensus, because Russia as a country has no place at a time when it has committed war crimes, when it deports children”.

For the moment neither Russia nor Belarus, implicated in the aggression of Ukraine, are among the 203 nations officially invited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The latter will decide on this case “in its sole discretion and without being bound by the results of the Olympic qualifying events”. The deadline ? “Before the Games”only replied its president, Thomas Bach, on July 18.

Asked about the possible presence of individual Russian athletes at the Games in the summer of 2024, the Head of State remained on the position that has been his for several months and replied: “I want this to be a decision in the conscience of the Olympic world (…) it is not the host state that should decide what the IOC should do (…) I have complete confidence in Thomas Bach”. The Head of State also says he wishes that “the Ukrainians are ociated with this reflection”.

“The real question that the Olympic world will have to decide is what place to give to these Russian athletes who sometimes have prepared for a lifetime, and can also be the victims of this regime”, he continues. But how to differentiate between Russian athletes accomplices and victims of the regime? “This is the real question and therefore this is where the Olympic world has, in conscience, its opinion to give and guarantees to specify”explains the Head of State: “And it must be understood by the Ukrainians (…) This is the balancing act that we will have to carry out. »

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