“Mr. Minister, public schools need neither grand declarations nor short-lived announcements”

MMr. Minister of National Education and Youth, in a few days, nearly 12 million students will find their way back to their school, college and high school. When you took office on July 20 and in several press articles that followed, you have indicated your main priorities which, beyond skepticism and concern, require proactive and concrete actions.

Guarantee that every student, every day of the year, will have a teacher in front of him. » This is a noble and just cause. You still have to give yourself the means. You know, more than two thousand positions, at this time, are still not filled, which will inevitably raise the question of replacements. This is how in my department of Seine-Saint-Denis, a parliamentary report indicated in 2018 that a student lose the equivalent of a school year during compulsory schooling lack of substitutes.

Only 5.5% in September

While this situation is not recent, it is largely due to the failure of the “attractiveness shock” brandished by your two predecessors and by the President of the Republic since 2017. Your “upgrading”the famous device ” bat “ And “pact”was first and foremost translated into a ” Work more to earn more “ marred by the reneging of the presidential promise to immediately increase all teachers by 10% without additional workload.

While French teachers are those who put in the most hours, ahead of the busiest cles in the countries of the European Union, your declaration at the beginning of August indicating that “the revaluations and the teacher pact, it’s 4 billion euros more” difficult to convince, when in fact the increase in teachers’ salaries will be only 5.5% in September.

And that’s not the decree published in Official newspaper from August 9th relating to replacements for short-term absences in secondary education, which will improve the situation: these replacements can henceforth be provided by educational istants – the AEDs – who “will supervise educational sequences” organized through “digital tools” : the educational continuity new version!

The reality is that less than a third of the teachers in post have to date signed the “pact” which imposes these replacements on teachers, that the next school year will unfortunately not escape the thousands of vacant posts, and that an adult in front of every student does not equate to a competent and trained teacher…

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