Murder of Yara Gambirasio, Bossetti wins the appeal in Cation: now the reconnaissance of the finds in his defense

The appeal of the defense of was accepted by the Cation, with referral for new examination before the Court of izes of Bergamo Mimo Bossetti – convicted of the murder of the minor Yara Gambirasio – on the subject of defensive investigations functional to the possible promotion of the audit opinion.

Yara case, the investigating judge of Venice puts the prosecutor of Bergamo under investigation for misdirection. Bossetti’s lawyers: “Ascertain responsibilities”

The First Section remanded the order of 21 November 2022 of the Court of izes of Bergamo, which, during the execution, had denied Bossetti’s defense the right to access the confiscated exhibits for the purpose of carrying out defensive investigations in view any review of the process.

Now, following the decision issued in chambers by the “stoats”, at the end of a closed-door discussion, the Bergamo izes Court will have to allow the defense to inspect the finds, within the limits already authorized in previous provisions, establishing at the same time the appropriate precautions to ensure its integrity.

At the end of the reconnaissance, if the defense makes a new specific request, the Court of izes – explain sources of the Cation – will have to evaluate the concrete possibility of new technical essments and their not manifest uselessness.

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