Musk’s strong advice to Tesla employees

The American billionaire sent Tesla employees a confusing email.

The muscular methods ofElon Musk with its employees are known. After asking Twitter employees to work “hard or go”, the American billionaire sent employees of Tesla, of which he is the founder, a confusing email. Work meetings are, this time, in question.

Avoid large meetings that waste valuable time and energy!” Where “do not attend meetings if you do not intervene. Your presence is useless! are some examples of Elon Musk’s recommendations that were posted on Twitter by a blogger and confirmed by the social network’s new owner with a simple “Correct“.

The founder of Tesla even quite simply advised his employees not to organize meetings, whatever the duration. Elon Musk recommends sending emails instead. On the communication side, Tesla employees are invited to be “clear“. “Avoid nonsense words and technical jargon. Choose concise words that are easy to understand. Be efficient, don’t look smart“. Finally, on the management side, Elon Musk suggests “communicate directly with your colleaguesand avoid the chain of command. “Rapid communications allow rapid decisions to be made. Quick decisions = competitive advantage”.

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