Mylène Farmer, winning mystery

DECRYPTION – Rare in the media, absent from social networks, the singer, who is releasing a new album this Friday, The influence, fills stadiums, is picked up by young artists and is the envy of the rap world.

She has already sold 550,000 tickets for her future tour in the summer of 2023 in France, Switzerland and Belgium, with seven full stadiums and six others whose last places are on sale, specifies her entourage.

All this while carefully maintaining an unparalleled halo of mystery. Unlike Indochine, which started as Mylène Farmer his career in the 1980s and also adorns the stadiums, is thus very present on social networks. Whether those of the formation or those of its musicians, like the leader Nicola Sirkis.

The sexagenarian recently gave an interview to the Sunday newspaper, but we feel it on the reserve. The album coming out this Friday is called The influencea title obviously inspired by the theme of toxic relationships. “Who hasn’t crossed paths with a so-called narcissistic perverse person? Who has not once been under the influence of such a person?she explains to Jérôme Béglé, the boss of the JDD to which she is very close.

For the rest, the Franco-Canadian remains enigmatic. Asked about the rest of her career, she limits herself to letting go: “By being free (…) I don’t have the answer you expect, I imagine.”


“The rarity of Mylène Farmer’s media presence fascinates at a time when all artists are faced with the problem: what should I exhibit or not on social networks?”dissects for AFP Didier Varrod, musical director of the antennas of Radio France.

“When we talk about her, the term ‘icon’ is unstoppable when today the other singers and singers are competing on the front of the image and notoriety by influencers or people from the programs. reality show”he develops.

Under the impulsion of Didier Varrod, a concert-creation “Farmer version(s), without counterfeiting” will see sixteen artists revisit Mylène Farmer’s repertoire during Hyper Weekend, a festival at the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique (January 20-22). The cast of this future show turns out to be a tasty mix between big cars (Juliet Armanet, Benjamin Biolayetc) and new seekers like rapper Lala &ce (pronounced “Ace” like in tennis) or Rebeka Warrior in electro.

Proof that today, no one is afraid to claim their attraction for Mylène Farmer, whereas a few decades ago, many snubbed her. Didier Varrod has “an overview of this rehabilitation over the past five years with many covers of Mylène Farmer on the net by independent artists”.

“Questioning gender”

As the musical director of the antennas of Radio France points out, Disenchanted, one of Mylène Farmer’s big hits“has even become an anthem for a generation devastated by confinement”. It is probably no coincidence that the apple singer took over this title as soon as the health crisis hit. “From the first pieces of Mylène Farmer, Mom is wrong, Without counterfeiting, Libertine, it’s about insolence, freedom, subversion and questioning gender when we weren’t talking about it yet”unrolls this specialist of the French-speaking scene.

Didier Varrod also rightly points out that Mylène Farmer understood more than 30 years ago the importance “image with clips that were more of a short film”. It is therefore logical to see her collaborate in The influence with artists like Woodkid (art direction, avatar on the cover) or AaRON (whose paw can be heard in the new track green ray), who also stand out for their strong visual universe and cinematographic writing in their music.

The diva challenges well beyond pop. In 2016, the rapper Damso confided on MCE TV dreaming of a collaboration with the French pop diva: “That would be cool. Put myself in the world of Mylène Farmer and Mylène Farmer in mine.

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