Nadine Forster, illustrator of Maya the Bee and Tom and Jerry, has died

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Nadine Forster in her house in Aschères-le-Marché in 2021. YouTube screenshot – In the Loiret at Nadine Forster the illustrator – katherine Tewe

The Belgian artist died this Friday at the age of 92. She had become a star of illustration in the 1970s.

Belgian illustrator Nadine Forster, best known for her book adaptations of television heroes of the 1970s and 1980s, died Wednesday at the age of 92. Christian Legendre, mayor of Aschères-le-Marché (Loiret), city where she lived, told AFP that her funeral would be held on Monday.

Trained at the Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Nadine Forster settled in this small village located about twenty kilometers from Orléans, in the early 1980s.

From Casper the Ghost to Astro Boy

In the 1960s, she notably illustrated the series of children’s books Veronique’s diarythen, later, cartoons like Arnie the Explorer. Over the next two decades, the Belgian had made numerous record book covers. Both for the Walt Disney universe but also for children’s TV heroes like Casimir and Children’s Island.

During her career, she had also designed the albums or books of Ulysse 31, Maya the Bee, Tom and Jerry, Astro Boy, Lady Oscar, Casper the Friendly Ghost, as well as many covers of the Library volumes. pink. More recently, she had put in pictures Emilie Jolie’s Novelan adaptation of the famous musical tale by Philippe Chatel.

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