Nantes-Rezé puts pressure on Tours in Ligue A

Nantes-Rezé puts pressure on Tours in Ligue A

Winner without losing a set this Friday evening in Paris at the opening of the 24th day of Ligue A (26-23, 25-23, 25-20), Nantes-Rezé returns to a point behind the leader, Tours, which receives Toulouse on Saturday and was surprised by the Plessis-Robinson last week. Tourangeaux and Nantes, opposed in a week in Loire-Atlantique, are aiming for first place in the regular season, synonymous with qualification for the Champions League.

Chizoba, the sharp Brazilian of the NRMV, once again named best player of the meeting, carried his tired team by registering 25 points, with 61% efficiency in attack, 4 aces and 2 blocks. “We didn’t play very well, but the important thing is to keep our second place”summarizes the libero Franco Massimino.

Too fair in reception and in key moments, Paris remains seven points behind Montpellier (8th) two days before the end of the regular season, and sees qualification for the play-offs escape. Dorian Rougeyron, coach of the capital club since 2011, will not see the quarter-finals before packing for Tourcoingbut still has the opportunity to qualify his team for the Challenge Cup (C3), during a final mini-championship between the losers of the quarter-finals as well as the 9th and 10th of the regular phase.

Nantes will have to find the physical resources to face Tours, then Tourcoing, before the play-offs. “My players have really pushed more than usual (against Paris), observes Hubert Henno, their coach. It shows that we have a margin, even if it might not pass against more experienced teams. We’re going to recharge well for the next two weeks. » The next match will already have a taste of the final.

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