“Napoleon”: Ridley Scott upset by criticism from the French press

His film has not yet been released in France and it is already creating controversy. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon press which was complimentary towards the film “ Napoleon ” directed by Ridley Scottpart of the French press did not fail to review the film.

Anti-French and pro-British interpretation for Point“a fundamental historical misinterpretation” for Le Figaro Magazinewhich also evokes a “Barbie and Ken under the Empire”… opinions conflict with those across the Channel who prefer to emphasize, as the Guardianan “outrageously spectacular cavalry charge”.

Present in the United Kingdom to promote one of the most anticipated films of the year, the British-American was questioned about these less than rave reviews from the French press. The director of Gladiator And Blade Runner did not fail to attack the French and their way of thinking. “The French don’t even like themselves!” », he joked, recalling that the film’s premiere in Paris had, according to him, pleased the audience.

“I don’t know if he did that.”

When the BBC, who for his part speaks of an “impressive achievement” or even a “true old-fashioned historical epic”, asked him what he thought of the multiple criticisms concerning the historical inconsistencies of his feature film, Ridley said. preferred to kick in, without failing to express his bitterness. “Do you really want me to answer?” You better not, I’m going to be rude! »

Asked about a scene where the cannons of the famous emperor played by Joaquin Phoenix fire on the pyramids, Ridley Scott this time chose to answer this question more frankly, according to comments transcribed by the British daily The Times : “I don’t know if he did that, but it was a quick way of saying he took Egypt,” he concedes.

VIDEO. “Buy yourself a life”: Ridley Scott angry after criticism of his film Napoleon

If he recognizes freedoms, Pierre Branda, the scientific director of the Fondation Napoléon interviewed by Progressprefers to note a fair vision for those who are interested in the history of the emperor born in Ajaccio.

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