NASA: There is no evidence of extraterrestrial origins of anomalous phenomena, but we do not know what they are

There is no evidence of an extraterrestrial origin of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), but we do not know what they are, Bill Nelson, the head of the American space agency NASA, said on Thursday, summarizing the first report of the agency’s UAP (formerly UFO) research team. However, he announced further research and the appointment of a special director to lead research on this topic.

“The main conclusion of the study is that there is a lot we need to find out. An independent NASA research team found no evidence of extraterrestrial origins for UAPs. But we don’t know what these UAPs are,” admitted Nelson during a press conference during which the report, the result of the team’s many months of research, was presented.

He also announced that he had hired the director of the agency for research into unexplained phenomena, although his name was not made public, among others. due to the harment experienced by scientists studying UAP.

Nelson also stated that he personally believes that there may be intelligent life in space beyond Earth and ured that if research shows the extraterrestrial origin of objects, the public will be informed about it.

“We want to change the conversation about UAP from sensationalism towards science,” said the head of NASA.

The team’s 36-page report, published Thursday, focuses on recommendations for NASA to more systematically collect UAP data because current UAP data is of poor information quality. Scientists say that while the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is the primary agency conducting government UFO research, NASA could play an important role by using its sensors and observing instruments to collect information, as well as using artificial intelligence to analyze this data.

“AARO’s work to date has shown that most of these events are explained as aircraft, balloons, drones, or weather phenomena. In any search for interesting anomalies, the first step must be to separate the wheat from the chaff,” said NASA astrophysicist David Spergel, head of the NASA team.

Both Nelson and Spergel expressed skepticism during the press conference about the recent sensational reports in the field of UFOs, including the mummified bodies of alleged extraterrestrial creatures presented in the Mexican parliament.

“When you deal with unusual things, you should present the data publicly (…). “My recommendation to the Mexican authorities would be: if you have something strange, share the samples with the global scientific community and let’s see what’s there,” Spergel said.

Nelson, in turn, referred to the speech of former AARO employee David Grusch in the US Congress. He claims that the US government has been hiding the bodies and vehicles of aliens that crashed on Earth for decades. The NASA chief noted that Grusch’s sworn testimony was based on interviews with other people and that he did not present any evidence.

“Show me the evidence,” Nelson said.

From Washington Oskar Górzyński (PAP)


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