Natality, Minister Lollobrigida: “There is an Italian ethnic group to protect”. Picierno: “We are in 2023, not in 1923”

«I think it is clear to everyone that there is no Italian race. It is a false problem to imagine a concept of this nature. However, there is a culture, an Italian ethnicity, what Treccani defines as a linguistic-cultural grouping, which I imagine that in this conference there is a tendency to protect. Because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.” This was stated by the Minister for Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, participating in the General States of the birth rate.

«We have a demographic increase of 75 million people a year – added Lollobrigida – therefore the population of the world is growing and many of those born in the world would like to come and live in Italy. So why worry about births in Italy? If the answer is to increase the birth rate, it is for reasons related to the defense of that belonging to which many of us are linked – I am particularly proud of – the Italian culture, the linguistic lineage, the way of life. Just as I believe all peoples are proud».

«Lollobrigida continues his crusade on the Italian ethnic group to be protected and the Italian race to be safeguarded. Someone explain to the minister that – although these words are a typical and by now usual attempt by the nostalgics of the twenty years – we are in 2023, not in 1923. The Italian cultural-linguistic grouping will survive even without the fundamental contribution of Lollobrigida. Think about being a minister instead.’ Thus Pina Picierno of the Democratic Party on Fb

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