Nathalie Levy explains why she refuses to receive policies in “As an aside”

VIDEO – The journalist, who officiates every evening on Canal +, believes that she cannot get much from political figures.

In September 2021, Nathalie Levy took over control of“As an aside” . Every evening on Canal+, the journalist welcomes a personality into “her” apartment and for 35 minutes, they unfold together the thread of her life. If the guests are many and varied, there have been no policies yet. A choice wanted and umed by Nathalie Levy.

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Guest this weekend of “We redo the TV” on RTL, Nathalie Levy thus declared: “We do not invite politicians. They are everywhere. Me, the politicians, I still had them on the sets for a long time for several years on BFMTV or on Europe 1. It’s not the same exercise, it’s true. For the moment, I don’t have this gluttony, it may come. Because it’s true that a lot of things happen when you’re like that, in a format like “As an aside””.

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If she does not rule out the idea of ​​receiving politicians “in ten years”, the journalist wanted to emphasize that“they are nevertheless fed with elements of language, they are so much in the posture all the time”. “I’m not even sure I can get anything. Either way, it’s not relevant at all. Me, it’s not a desire. I have never expressed myself in this sense”she concluded.

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