National Council for Refoundation: the unions are still boycotting the event

In turn, the CGT boycotted the National Council for Refoundation (CNR). The trade union organization announced on Tuesday that it would not go to the event convened by the Head of State on Thursday, thus joining two other representative unions (Force Ouvrière and CFE-CGC), as well as Solidaires.

One year later its launch, Emmanuel Macron brings together the CNR to “set a course” for the continuation of the work of this body. This CNR, launched to “build consensus”, is divided into several themes (“aging well”, “climate and biodiversity”, housing, youth, work, etc.), around which political forces, social partners, representatives of companies and ociations.

A largely overlooked event

But the first two meetings were largely shunned by the opposition parties And the same unions who will not be present on Thursday. “A CNR for what? asks Sophie Binet, general secretary of the CGT“when at the same time, the Prime Minister announces that she will continue to use 49.3 and that the President of the Republic refuses to organize a referendum on pensions”.

In a press release sent on Friday, FO castigated for its part a body which leads to “dilute” the word of the unions and “weakens the role of social actors”. “For FO, there is only one CNR, resulting from the resistance at the end of the Second World War”, recalled the organization. The CFE-CGC also continues to decline the invitation, denouncing “a showcase operation, of communication with the coarse grabbing of the acronym of the National Council of Resistance”, declared to AFP its president François Hommeril.

“Solidarity has no time to waste seeing Macron at the Élysée”, added the co-delegate of the organization, Simon Duteil. “The CNR is about communication! It’s commotion! “, denounces the trade unionist who expects “Strong acts on ecological and social issues”. Conversely, the CFDT, the CFTC and the Unsa will be present Thursday at the Élysée.

The intersyndicale, which led the battle against the pension reform, called for a new day of mobilization on October 13 to demand, in particular, an increase in wages in a context of high inflation. While waiting for this new meeting, she is awaiting details on a “social conference” announced last week by the Head of Stateduring his meeting with party leaders.

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