National Force of SUS sends health professionals to ist victims in Vale do Taquari

The team is composed of eight professionals from Grupo Hospitalar Conceição in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Adult Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Psychologist and Psychiatrist. In addition to these, two specialists from the Public Health Emergency Department of the Ministry of Health are part of the group.

The Ministry of Health is also sending 10 Kits of medicines and materials for care at health centers. Each kit is made up of 32 medicines and 16 strategic supplies for the care of up to 500 homeless and displaced people for a period of three months.

The CEO of the GHC, Gilberto Barichello, highlighted that the Ministry of Health and the GHC are partners in this national mobilization. “It is the role of the Ministry and the GHC to partner with the state government and city halls in a federated relationship of solidarity, so we have igned a team to the region with professionals with extensive experience in emergency situations to support and ist people in the best possible way. who are living this tragic reality”, he highlighted.

The National Force of SUS was created in 2011 for missions to support disaster situations in Brazil and other countries. The team has GHC professionals who have already worked in several humanitarian situations, including the earthquake in Haiti (2010), in support of victims in the Serrana Region of Rio (2011), in the fire at the Kiss Nightclub (2013), in the flood of Acre (2023) in indigenous missions such as Alto Purus and Alto Juruá (Acre). Currently, it also works to ist indigenous peoples in the Yanomami Territory.

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