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Release: 25 May 2023

In our childhood, when our elders were faced with interesting events, they would say, “We’re going to see this too, what days are we going to have?” They were right.

What we went through until the presidential elections, it turns out, what else we will experience. The last move of the Turkish nationalist, Mr. Ogan, almost put a feather on everything that happened.

Let no one misunderstand. We have no right to say anything about Mr. Ogan’s candidacy and his decision. It is his political choice.

A person who introduces himself as a Turkish nationalist since the day he started his political life says how can I throw all the principles he has defended in the last 48 hours and support the People’s Alliance.

Mr. Ogan, for years you said that you are a Turkish nationalist,

Those who find the Turkish flag unnecessary,

Those who do not recognize the first four articles of the Constitution,

Those who call Atatürk and İnönü two drunkards,

Those who practice pig tie,

Those who say that asylum seekers will definitely leave and say that no one can send them,

Those who sell citizenship with money,

You preferred to stand by the Istanbul contract and to be with those who canceled it.

You can no longer tell anyone about this behavior.

At the press conference, by saying that the Nation Alliance could not obtain a majority in the Grand National embly of Turkey, did you mean to say that I would take the side of the strong? You said that the opposition media did not give me a place on the screens.

As you spoke in all opposition media, all commentators stood by you. On the other hand, you left the press conference without taking any questions.

Dear readers; Throughout the history of the Republic, politics has never been so polluted. It is not possible to understand whose hand is in whose pocket, who is with whom. It’s a lack of principles.

I am sharing a message that one of my readers sent me.”

If I don’t hold Erdogan to account ………….” Those who sided with Erdogan after saying:
Devlet Bahceli
Suleyman Soylu
Numan Freed
Mehmet Ali Celebi
Metin Feyzioglu
Nedim Sener
Hulki Cevizoglu
Fatih Erbakan
Sinan Ogan

Mr. Özdağ, you behaved very elegantly and you ped it off by saying that this attraction of the ATA Alliance candidate is his own choice. No one ever doubted your choice for democracy.

Mr. Erdogan knows very well that the voters who voted for Mr. Ogan will never vote for him. The aim was to create panic among those who voted for Mr. Kılıçtaroğlu.

Today’s youth do not know, before the AKP, citizens of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY always roamed the streets. Not Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis.

LAST WORD; “Let’s be careful with our chests,
Especially to our man chests”.

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