Natura’s survey points to an improvement in the social indicator of consultants in Rio Grande do Sul

With the highest growth registered since its creation, in 2014, the biannual indicator that evaluates the social impact of the network of Natura consultants showed a growth of 3.6% in the last two years. Rio Grande do Sul had the best result in the country in the general recordcommon advance of 2.9% driven by the issue of digital inclusion.

The survey that calculates the Human Development Index (HDI) of these salespeople is led by economist Flávio Comim, and shows that saleswomen are more engaged in issues involving citizenship. Taking into account the fact that 92% of the network is made up of women (93.5% in RS)the sample is quite significant, since it corresponds to 1.5% of the national female electorate.

This greater interest of the interviewees in relation to their rights and duties as citizens goes through elements such as the needs generated by social isolation and the current political scenario. The survey concluded that social isolation and the flood of news generated in the last presidential election resulted in a 7% increase in the digital inclusion of the network – in the State, this number is even higher (8.5%).

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