Navalny’s team disclosed the names of those who send the politician to the SHIZO

Alexei Navalny’s team established the names of the employees of the correctional colony IK-6, on whose direct initiative the politician is constantly sent to a penal institution. This is explained in a new video on the “Navalny Live” channel. According to the investigators, the administration of the colony regularly holds meetings on how to further worsen the life of the imprisoned oppositionist.

The meetings, as stated in the video, are conducted by the head of the colony – Colonel Dmitry Nozhkin. According to the investigators, he is acting “on instructions from above”. Another employee is Yury Fomin, deputy for security and correctional work in the colony.

The author of most of the reports regarding Navalny’s behavior is Lieutenant Mikhail Neimovich. The authors of the video report that he is personally attached to Navalny and monitors any of his actions that can be considered violations.

Also in the video, the names of nine members of the commission who vote on sending the politician to the SHIZO are named.

  • On January 25, Alexey Navalny was placed in a detention center for the 11th time in six months; often he is sent to the SHIZO almost immediately after the next exit from there to the normal regime. The reasons for this were an unbuttoned robe, washing half an hour before the scheduled time, “incorrect introduction to a colony employee” and other minor violations.
  • The penitentiary is distinguished by particularly harsh conditions of detention. According to the description of the oppositionist, in his colony there is a cell measuring 2 by 3 meters, where he has to sit on an iron stool. In January, supporters of the politician installed a copy of the camera at the building of the Russian emby in Berlin.
  • The administration of the colony recognized Navalny as a malicious offender. He unsuccessfully tried to appeal the previous decision to send him to the SHIZO in the courts. He considers the reasons for the transfer to the SHIZO to be far-fetched, reports on the almost torturous conditions created there and the denial of medical care.
  • January 17 marked two years since Navalny’s detention after his return to Russia. Since then, the oppositionist has been deprived of his freedom: first he was sent to a colony in the so-called “Yves Rocher” case, and then a new sentence was handed down in a fraud case and he was transferred to a strict regime colony. Navalny and his supporters consider the criminal prosecution to be politically motivated. Leading human rights organizations recognized him as a political prisoner or prisoner of conscience.

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