NBA: discussions on the age of draftees and mental health

Ratified in July 2017, the current CBA “Collective Bargaining Agreement”, the collective agreement governing the NBA, expires in 2023-2024. Nevertheless, it could end next December at the request of one of the organizations, that is to say that of the franchise owners or the players' union.

To avoid a lockout (strike) in the NBA, as in 2011, The Athletic discussed on Monday the points of the negotiations having leaked from the first meetings. According to the American media, the players' union would first like to raise the minimum age for draftees from 19 to 18 from the 2024 Draft. This decision would thus make it possible to return to the possibility for a player to pass directly from the high school in the NBA.

The other important subject would concern the mental health of the players. The union would ask that this suffering be taken into consideration in the same way as a physical injury. In recent seasons, several NBA players - including DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love - have spoken out about mental health, opening up the debate on this worrying subject.

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