Nearly a third of French people plan to take advantage of Black Friday promotions

However, the average budget allocated to the commercial event is falling this year under the effect of inflation.

Rare are the French who have never heard of it. In a few years, Black Friday, a commercial practice from the United States, has imposed itself in France at breakneck speed. Today, 96% of French people identify this event and nearly two-thirds (63%) intend to take advantage of it, according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Compared to last year, the participation rate jumped by 12 points, proof of its probable success despite inflation, which weighs only on household budgets.

The general price increase is not, however, without consequences for the 2022 edition of Black Friday. The average budget that the French plan to spend this Friday reaches 255 euros, or 15% less than last year. The reason is obvious: 81% of respondents are feeling the effects of inflation and 42% of them are already digging into their savings to pay their daily expenses.

The BCG study highlights a certain form of French exception. In Germany, for example, the average budget allocated to Black Friday is more like 290 euros; it’s even 300 euros for our Swiss neighbours. “Internationally, French consumers are among those who reduce their spending on non-essential goods the most“, indicate the consultants, who quote the proportion of 55%.

Consequently, nearly four out of ten French people consume more second-hand products (39%), making the country one of the most fond of second-hand goods. But if inflation has something to do with it, the growing sensitivity of the French to environmental issues also plays a role in this success. Just over 70% of respondents want to make more eco-responsible purchases on Black Friday. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the youngest who favor sustainable purchases, but the over 45s.

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