Nebenzya: UN Security Council meeting with Zelensky will be “another show”

The effect of the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine with the participation of President Vladimir Zelensky will be zero, said the Russian permanent representative to the world organization Vasily Nebenzya.

“We realistically ess the impact from this meeting, as well as from other politicized Western initiatives on the Ukrainian crisis. It’s obviously zero. This will be another show in which the main role is given to the Ukrainian president,” the permanent representative said (quoted from RIA Novosti).

According to Nebenzi, for Zelensky, “the role of a comedian on stage is, of course, familiar.” But Russia “as the founding state of the UN, is sad to see that through the efforts of our Western colleagues, the high platform of this organization is being used for self-PR.”

“Western delegations, blinded by the desire to punish and suppress Russia, now see the UN Security Council solely as a platform for their PR campaigns. They are not at all concerned about the established practice of its work, nor the substantive side of the discussions, nor the authority of this body,” concluded the permanent representative.

The UN Security Council meeting is scheduled for September 20. The media wrote that the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Vladimir Zelensky and Joe Biden, will discuss the supply of long-range missiles at the UN General embly on September 19. Later, National Security Advisor to the American President Jake Sullivan said that Biden would meet with Zelensky on September 21 at the White House.

As Reuters reported, citing sources in Washington, the Biden administration is close to approving the sending of long-range missiles filled with cluster munitions to Ukraine. We are talking about ATACMS tactical missile systems with a range of up to 306 km and GMLRS-controlled MLRS with a range of up to 72 km.

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