Neo-Nazis (Ron DeSantis supporters) at the entrance to Disney World

On Saturday, June 10, about twenty neo-Nazis gathered at the crossroads leading to the main entrance of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. In addition to swastika flags and other symbols of white supremacy, the neo-Nazis exhibited placards with phobic writings (June is LGBT+ pride month) and flags in favor of Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and aspiring candidate for president of the United States for the Republican Party.
Since Disney criticized a state law that prohibits teachers from talking about gender and orientation at school (a law strongly supported by the governor and strongly criticized by LGBT+ ociations), DeSantis has launched a political and legal battle against the entertainment multinational .
It’s not the first time DeSantis supporters have waved Nazi flags, outside Disney World and elsewhere. The governor of Florida has never distanced himself from them.

The videos were shared on Twitter by Anna V. Eskamani, a Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives.
Photos are by Lisa Gause and Jeff Storobinsky.


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