Netflix, a household-only subscription. For those who do not live with subscribers there is an additional cost

“Starting today, we’ll start sending this email to subscribers in Italy who share their Netflix account outside their home.” This is the text released by Netflix: «The Netflix account is intended for a single household, that is, for you and for those who live with you. Everyone in your household can watch Netflix wherever they want (at home, on the go, on vacation) and take advantage of new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices. We understand that there are many entertainment options available. For this reason, we continue to make significant investments to always offer you new movies and TV series, so that there is always something on Netflix for you, based on your tastes, your moods, your language preferences or people with you want to watch Netflix”.

All subscribers will receive an email with the details. For those who want to continue sharing their profile with a user who is not part of the household, there will be an additional cost. In other European countries, such as Spain, these rules have already entered into force, after being announced for months. But there has been a steep drop in subscriptions.

From Netflix they say that they usually see a cancellation reaction when they announce what’s new, which affects the growth of members in the short term. But they add that then the trend is an increase in subscriptions. In Canada, for example, they report that the paid subscriber base is now larger than before the launch of paid account sharing, and a similar trend is emerging in the US.

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