Netflix, Spotify, Disney+… Why the prices of your streaming subscriptions will continue to soar

Since August, subscriptions to music streaming platforms have increased by 10%. 429797176/Ralf –

SURVEY – In the United States, the average cost of platform subscriptions has increased by 25% in one year. And this is just the beginning, including in France.

Trees never reach the sky. But, in the streaming industry, prices continue to rise. To the point that across the Atlantic the phenomenon is at the origin of a neologism: “streamflation”. The synonym of bad news for consumers since it confirms the end of an era: that of cheap streaming. Since August, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium each cost 1 euro more, or respectively 11.99 and 12.99 euros. same for me Spotify, which increased the price of its subscription to 10.99 euros per month instead of 9.99 euros, an increase of 10%. Amazon Music Unlimited followed suit and has just gone to 10.99 euros instead of 9.99 euros previously. Stop or still? 1er November, all current subscribers of Disney+ will be switched to a new offer, called Premium, at 11.99 euros per month…

In the United States, it’s worse. Disney is preparing to carry out a second price increase in less than a year. In October, the formula without…

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