Netherlands: student fraternity suspended after “serious abuse” during hazing

A hazing that is not funny. The LANX men’s student ociation at the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) announced on Sunday that it had suspended one of its fraternities called “Ares”. due to hazing which took place last year in Romania during a trip of the first-year students, reports the Dutch public media OUR.

In a long letter published on its website, the ociation detailed the charges against the fraternity. Leaving in November on an integration trip to Bucharest, Romania, the first-year students received a list of ignments to carry out during their stay. According to LANX, these were “degrading” and “highly inappropriate”. The ociation evokes “serious abuses”, which would have been revealed to him during an interview with the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer. “We were extremely shocked,” insists the ociation.

“Missions” to complete to collect points

During the trip, the students Dutch had to carry out different “missions” every day in order to collect points in a ranking. At the end of the trip, the students with the fewest points were given a “sanction” which was not detailed in the letter from the LANX ociation.

“Every day, first-year students had to send images to prove that they had carried out the missions”, specifies the student ociation. Among these, particularly inappropriate, even reprehensible requests: “find a refugee”, “steal an object in a strip club », as well as a whole category « women and sex ». Missions that “go against everything we stand for as an ociation”, says LANX

“The fraternity completely lied to us”

The fraternity was immediately suspended and excluded from the ociation’s integration activities for the start of the school year. Thus, it is currently impossible for it to integrate new members. Contacted by NOS media outlet, LANX President Tom Brink said Ares had submitted an advance a hazing scenario to the student ociation, but that “the fraternity completely lied to us. “We would never have approved these missions,” he said.

The University of Amsterdam and the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam are to meet this Monday to discuss how to fight against this “persistent behavior”, emphasizes OUR. According to the Belga agency, quoted by the Belgian media RTL Info, LANX “connected the freshmen who participated in the trip with a trusted person” so that they could testify. “We are taking additional steps to ensure that this behavior does not happen again,” the ociation concluded in its letter.

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