New episode of ozone pollution in Île-de-France this Wednesday

By Tristan Crespin

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This Wednesday, the air quality is likely to be very strongly degraded. Jean-Christophe Marmara / Le Figaro

The air quality will be “poor in the west of the region”, and degraded on the rest of the territory, indicated Airparif.

This Wednesday, the air quality is likely to be very seriously degraded in Île-de-France. The high temperatures experienced in Île-de-France create a new episode of pollution with fine particles, according to Airparif, an air quality monitoring body. The hot and dry summer weather promotes the formation of ozone, the main pollutant in the air of the Ile-de-France region. The air quality will bebad west of the region», and degraded on the rest of the territory. Saharan sand is also appearing in the region, and could impact PM10 particle levels.

Faced with this situation, the authorities made several announcements. The regional health agency recommends avoiding outings during the hottest hours, as well as intense outdoor physical activities. In addition, residential parking is free this Wednesday, a measure that contributes to “reduce pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, by encouraging local residents to use public transport” according to the site of the town hall. Free parking is only possible on the mixed lanes of the 4 zones allocated around the driver’s home. The town hall also recommends that the inhabitants of the city use telework as much as possible, as well as favor public transport or carpooling.

Similarly, the police headquarters recommends “reduce vehicle speeds throughout the region“, as at 110km / h on portions of motorways limited to 130km / h in normal times. It also asks residents to avoid “the use of solvent-based products», or certain behaviors which would aggravate the episode of pollution, as a general rule.

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