New EU sanctions on violence against women

New EU sanctions on violence against women

The European Union (EU) decided to sanction 9 individuals and 3 organizations, including two members of the Taliban administration, on grounds of violence, violation of rights and harassment against women and girls.

New EU sanctions on violence against women

According to the statement made by the European Council, the sanction decision was taken within the scope of the EU’s “Global Human Rights Sanction Regime” before the International Women’s Day.

Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, whose views were included in the statement, said, “We move from words to action.” used the phrase.

Borrell stated that they will fight against all kinds of violence against women, wherever they are in the world, and that with today’s decision, they have increased efforts to combat gender-based violence and sexual violence, and that they are working to ensure that those who commit these crimes do not go unpunished.


The EU’s new sanction decision has condemned the Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education Nida Mohammad Nedim and Deputy Minister of Invitation to Good and Prevention from Evil Sheikh Mohammed Khalid Hanafi for issuing decrees that ban higher education for women and girls in Afghanistan and discriminate against women in the public sphere. also includes.

In addition, the Moscow Police Station was placed on the sanction list for arbitrary detentions and inhuman treatment of its officers, and some senior commanders of the Russian Armed Forces for using sexual violence during the war in Ukraine.


The commanders of South Sudanese militias for systematically using sexual violence as a war tactic, and Myanmar Deputy Interior Minister Toe Ui for their roles in sexual violence and gender-based human rights violations were also included in the sanctions.

Karchak Prison in Iran, Syrian Republican Guard and Myanmar Military Security Office were also listed as institutions to be sanctioned.

EU sanctions include an asset freeze and a travel ban to the EU. In addition, direct or indirect funding to individuals and organizations on the sanctions list is prohibited. (AA)

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