New in the south zone of Porto Alegre, sushi restaurant plans to expand to the interior of RS

Japanese cuisine fell in love with the gaucho, and those who knew how to take advantage of the trend are reaping good results. This is the case of entrepreneur Alfredo Pinto, creator of the Mosaico Sushi Loungea new restaurant located at Avenida Nonoai, nº 1736, in the south zone of Porto Alegre.

With more than 40 years in the kitchen, Alfredo has already managed some businesses in the Capital, but it was about seven years ago, when he opened a Japesca chain franchise, on Avenida is Brasil, that he developed a love for Japanese food, especially sushi. . Shortly after, the entrepreneur took a step further and opened his own business. “I had some Mosaico units, in is Brasil itself, in Padre Chagas and in Viamão, but, due to the pandemic, they had to shrink. They were all face-to-face, they ended up not working anymore, so I was left with just one point”, remembers Alfredo.

Until last year, Mosaico still operated on Rua Padre Chagas, in the Moinhos de Vento neighborhood, but, feeling a change in the surroundings, the entrepreneur chose to take the operation to another region and the South Zone was the bet of the time. “Moinhos de Vento is very different, everyone started to migrate to the 4th District. I was already looking for a place with more traffic, because the Padre Chagas store was very small. I decided to migrate to the South Zone, which was lacking in high quality sushi”, points out the entrepreneur.

Despite being responsible for creating the brand, who runs Mosaico today is Victor Castro, Alfredo’s nephew. “He is giving continuity to the brand. He already has the planning ready to launch the Mosaico franchises on the market”, advances the entrepreneur.

Brand expansion into the interior

The objective of the pair is take the brand to other cities in the state, focusing on the countryside. Attention to the business model, with emphasis on complete training, both in the kitchen and in business management, is one of the pillars of the new project. “We are going to spend all know how these years of culinary experience to these people, who will do what training here inside Mosaico’s kitchen, we will offer all the necessary support”, ures Alfredo. The franchise project will be launched in October.

The menu at Mosaico Sushi Lounge

The restaurant’s flagship, according to the entrepreneur, is the sequence, costing R$98.90, but the menu also includes separate combinations, including vegetarian and vegan options. “Our gastronomy is of high quality, I received customers who commented that they had never eaten a sequence like that, which I even thought was strange, because It’s nothing special, it’s just well done.”, declares Alfredo.


restaurant operation

With almost 300m² and space to accommodate around 80 people, Mosaico is available for events and get-togethers. The place operates from Monday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 11:30 pm, and is also available for delivery on iFood.


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