New owner of Paquetá stores, Oscar Calçados installs CD in RS

After putting its first foot in the Gaucho market by taking over the Paquetá store chain, São Paulo chain Oscar Calçados has just placed the second. The group is already installing itself in a logistics complex in Sapucaia do Sul, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre (RMPA). The operation is located at Eco Parque Lourenço & Souza.

A Retail Minute column had already informed that the São Paulo footwear company was negotiating the lease of an area in the complex. Besides the Oscar, the logistics park also arranged for the arrival of another group from São Paulo, Segura Logística, which serves the technology segment, such as 5G equipment. The two together have around 40 employees at the facilities.

The director of Chico Imoveis and manager of Eco Parque Lourenço & Souza, Filipe Christianetti, projects that the expectation is that the two new occupants will expand the area where they are located. Furthermore, Christianetti esses that the new contracts put the complex in competition with customers from the Southeast, the most competitive market in the country.

“It’s another step for us to advance in an extremely competitive market, by bringing in names with so much weight. The project is in high demand due to the condominium profile, which is within the urban axis, close to the workforce and the context of the functioning city”, highlights the manager.

“The success of Eco Parque Lourenço & Souza represents the tireless search for the reindustrialization of Sapucaia do Sul, aiming to generate jobs and economic growth”, comments Imilia de Souza, one of the owners of the complex and deputy mayor of the municipality.

Oscar, which agreed to purchase Paquetá for R$90 million, in a deal made official at the beginning of August, but which has been managing the retail chain since May, will initially occupy one thousand square meters. The space centralizes the products. Previously, the Rio Grande do Sul chain had logistics linked to the footwear industry.

Today the park has 14 companies, including those already installed and those that will begin operating. Two others that are in space they are Killing paints and the TW, transport. The total area occupied today is 41 thousand square meters. This month another 11 thousand square meters were offered for immediate use, informs Christianetti.

For 2024, another 15 thousand square meters will be added and in 2025 until the first half of 2026, Eco Parque will reach a total logistics area of ​​120 thousand square meters. The market value of the complex is expected to reach R$400 million. The contributions so far exceed R$200 million.

The park is owned by Lourenço & Souza, with development and management by Chico Imoveis, Grepol and Construsinos.

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