New rebellion at Plon against the management methods of Lise Boëll

The Social and Economic Committee (CSE) of Place des Editis, an entity of Editis (Vivendi) seized, Tuesday, November 15, of its right to alert in the event of infringement of the rights of persons after the placement in arrest of work of two employees, confirming information published Tuesday, November 22 in The letter a. This procedure is once again aimed at the management methods of Lise Boëll, the co-director of Plon.

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Just a year ago, the appointment of this editor of Eric Zemmour and Philippe de Villiers, coming from Albin Michel to the management of Plon had caused serious discomfort in the teams of the publishing house. She had, a rare thing, imposed two of her assistants – Estelle Cerutti and Mickaël Palvin – also from Albin Michel. The former general manager of Plon, Céline Thoulouze, who did not wish to work with her, had retired and, while waiting to take the reins of Nil, another subsidiary of Editis, had been demoted to the post of director. Deputy General in charge of Plon’s fiction.

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The management methods of Lise Boëll and her assistants, as well as their defense of far-right authors, have given rise to strong divisions. Self-published, the latest work by Eric Zemmour, which benefited from an extraordinary media springboard thanks to Vincent Bolloré’s television channels, was distributed by Editis. For the majority of the employees of Plon who, in the past published Claude Lévi-Strauss or Jean Malaurie, the graft did not take. A first independent investigation was then carried out by the CSE of Editis on the management in the company. Lise Boëll and Estelle Cerutti were then asked to telecommute for the duration of this investigation. His conclusions revealed orally to the employees evoked dysfunctions, a loss of confidence of the employees, a humiliating and aggressive direction. So much so that Lise Boëll and Estelle Cerutti were asked to stop working with the old teams.

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At the same time, Mickaël Palvin, deputy general manager of Plon was laid off before being fired when the management of Editis discovered that he had been dismissed from his previous position at Albin Michel for moral harassment, in February 2021 (The world of December 10, 2021).

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At the same time, Michèle Benbunan, Managing Director of Editis, has reinvested Céline Thoulouze in her former position as Managing Director of Plon. This publishing house has since been the only one in Paris to be two-headed. An unfeigned hatred opposes the two teams. Those of Lise Boëll are installed in the 6e arrondissement of Paris, those of Céline Thoulouze at the headquarters of Editis in the 13e. Each works with its authors, its teams of a dozen employees and plans its own literary income. An unprecedented war in publishing which is being played out, for example, in the deprogramming of posts on Instagram of “Plon B” and “Plon Historique”.

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