new salvo of tackles from the “Late show with Alain Chabat” against the host of C8

The duel of attacks by interposed emissions between Alain Chabat and Cyril Hanouna continued Friday evening during the tenth and last number of the late show of TF1.

As of November 12, nine days before the launch of the “Late show with Alain Chabat” on TF1, a trailer gave an idea of ​​the tone of the show of the ex-member of Dummies. In a parody of CNews’ “L’heure des pros” renamed “I ask the question”, Jean-Paul Rouve took the role of Pascal Praud by launching as a debate: “Excuse me, but after a while couldn’t we classify the races? » . At the bottom of the screen, like the banners of news channels, we could read: “France: a deputy slips up and tries to contradict Cyril Hanouna”. This reference to the resounding verbal altercation between the host of “Touche pas à mon poste! and Louis Boyard (re)opened hostilities between the two hosts, angry since september 2018.

Then in the monologue of his show broadcast on the evening of November 24 on TF1, Alain Chabat had fun subtly mentioning the charity project of the host of C8, the Bank of the heart, mentioned in December 2018 and which never materialized. “You know, we never hid it, we are slightly delayed. And, therefore, we are not very aware of your news to you, viewers and viewers, who are watching us. So many questions to which only you, behind your screen, have the answer: what was the score of England / Iran, was it sunny on Sunday November 20, did François Hollande win the presidential elections, the Bank of heart finally launched? »,he was ironic. The next day in “Do not touch my post! », Cyril Hanouna was in charge of analyzing the audiences of the first three issues of the “Late show with Alain Chabat” qualifying the program “industrial accident of the year” and estimating the cost of each issue at 500,000 euros.

Figures that TF1 hastened to deny in a press release claiming to want to seize the Arcom. With our colleagues from Parisian / Today in France producer Jérôme Revon had declared that the budget for the “Late show with Alain Chabat” was around 250,000 euros per show. “There they have just denied saying that it was 250,000 euros per issue. I think it’s 500,000 a day”, reacted Cyril Hanouna last Monday on C8. “Afterwards, I don’t know if they shoot one or two shows a day. Maybe they shoot two a day, but I’m telling you my information was therefore correct since it’s 500,000 a day. I had perhaps forgotten to specify that it was the day…”

“The Seum files a complaint against Cyril Hanouna”

An answer that inspired the authors of Alain Chabat’s program in the last issue broadcast on Friday evening. Thus, the information banner of the parody of “L’heure des pros” was updated before the broadcast with a new round of tackles targeting Cyril Hanouna: “Modern mathematics, Cyril Hanouna: “500,000 = 250,000””can we read about it. “Unfair competition: the Seum files a complaint against Cyril Hanouna” or “e-Pack: Cyril Hanouna bought 100,000 pairs of bots” successively appeared at the bottom of the screen. The tenth issue of the “Late show with Alain Chabat” brought together just over a million viewers on average (9.9% PDA) on TF1 according to Médiamétrie.

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