New wood for pulp

New wood for pulp

CMPC, from Guaíba (RS), is constantly improving its production processes, in order to use the available resources in an increasingly rational way. The company maintains a program in which it developed a new hybrid of the genus Corymbia, which proved to be more adapted to the climatic conditions of Rio Grande do Sul and with wood characteristics suitable for the production of higher quality pulp. Already in the first tests, the results showed that the gains with the planting were expressive in pulp production per area. Experience has shown that it has the potential to reduce wood consumption.

Harvest with less age

The harvesting time for these hybrids should also be reduced, since the six-year-old woods have already presented basic densities close to or above 600 kg/m³, surpassing the 550 kg/m³ of hybrids of species such as Eucalyptus globulus, currently cultivated for the company. Today, CMPC already produces seedlings on a larger scale and implants Corymbia hybrid clones in its gardens to further strengthen its production.

non-compliant mattresses

The fight against non-compliant mattresses has reached an ever-increasing number of stores since the appearance of the Mattress Observatory, whose objective is compliance with rules and regulations by the sector. The seizure of imported mattresses without a conformity seal in a luxury store in São Paulo is the most recent example. In a note, the industry entity, Abicol, is willing to guide shopkeepers. “It is necessary to disseminate the consequences that they may suffer if the sale of a non-conforming or irregular product is evidenced”, says president Rodrigo Miguel de Melo.

Sans Souci yogurt

Sans Souci, one of the most traditional yogurt brands in the state, has prepared a special kit for customers who order on International Women’s Day, celebrated today. Anyone who orders from a box of assorted yogurt and kefir products gets a gift bowl, an essential tool that helps mix and serve food. Orders can be placed through the Sans Souci virtual store and via WhatsApp (51) 99658-5771.

hospital revitalization

Tintas Renner, PPG’s architectural brand, consolidates its sponsorship of Hospital Dom João Becker da Santa Casa de Porto Alegre. The partnership consists of the delivery of products and technical support in the painting specification and definition of products for painting the external areas, which began in February. In July 2022, the technical team stipulated the areas that will receive the improvements.

United have more value

Artecola arrives at the 46th Fimec, which runs until this Thursday at Fenac, in Novo Hamburgo, with a very clear proposal in its vision: “We unite what together has more value than separately.” An example of this vision is the project that has already transformed 2.2 tons of waste into noble material for an international fashion brand. The initiative won an award, delivered this Monday night.

Vipal at the Argentine agro fair

Vipal Borrachas is present this week at Expoagro 2023, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event takes place in the largest open-air venue in the sector in the country, where the latest technologies in machinery, inputs and processes for agricultural activity are shown. Completing 50 years of activity in 2023, Vipal is participating in the fair for the first time, taking its Agro Solution program, the brand’s package of solutions to meet the needs of the Argentine agricultural market with the very best in tire retreading.

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