Exclusive: Is the Russia-Ukraine War on the verge of ending, on which proposal will 30 countries including India approve in the peace talks to be held in UAE?

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Brigadier Mr. DS Tripathi (Retd) said that if seen, this war has dragged on for so long and now not only Russia and Ukraine but also the countries of the world are tired, that’s why initiative for peace talks is being taken.

This week in News Network’s special program Shaurya Path, we wanted to know from Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) what is the current situation of Russia-Ukraine war? We asked if there is news that Saudi Arabia will host peace talks in August amid the Russia-Ukraine war. How do you see it? We also wanted to know why peace talks are being held in UAE only? In response, he said that the Russia-Ukraine war has stopped in a way. Sometimes Ukraine is sending drones to Moscow to send a message to the world that it can reach Moscow. In response, Russia demolishes a small part of a building in the residential areas of Ukraine. Means the days are being spent in a light way. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined that this war has to be won at any cost. The economic and military istance given by NATO and European countries to Ukraine till now could not harm Russia. Apart from this, all kinds of sanctions on Russia have also not shown much effect, but now Russia also probably wants that if its conditions are accepted then it too will be calm. He said that Russia has done many attacks on Ukraine but it did not have as much effect as cancellation of grain deal. He said that till now only Ukraine was facing the Russian attacks, but due to the cancellation of the grain deal, starvation faced many countries and inflation started touching the sky, then everyone remembered the peace talks, whereas before this there was no talk of peace talks. Wasn’t doing it at all and some head of state was going to Ukraine and some was calling the President of Ukraine to his place and uring him of all possible help. He said that when Putin saw that the cancellation of the grain deal was starting to have an effect, he ured poor countries, especially African countries, that their grain needs would continue to be met.

Brigadier Mr. DS Tripathi (Retd) said that if seen, this war has dragged on for so long and now not only Russia and Ukraine but also the countries of the world are tired, that’s why initiative for peace talks is being taken. He said that though peace talks had been held earlier in Copenhagen as well, but no serious efforts were made for it, hence no result was achieved. He said that as far as peace talks in the UAE are concerned, 30 countries have been invited. One of the reasons for holding this dialogue in UAE was also that UAE is a friendly country of Russia. Recently the President of UAE went on a visit to Russia and met Putin there. Apart from this, being a friendly country of UAE, China will also come to participate in the talks. India has also been invited in this dialogue. America and NATO know that Russia will definitely listen to the talk of India and China, so it is very important for these two countries to participate in the peace proposal. He said that both India and China have asked Russia and Ukraine for peace and both countries listen to India and China, so the proposal that will be made here will also include the points of India and China so that it is complete. Talk to Russia on offer. He said that earlier China alone had presented a peace proposal but it could not succeed, so the world is watching the talks in UAE because every country is being affected in one way or the other by this war.

Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) said that the summit would be held in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah. Along with Ukraine, Brazil, India, South Africa and many other countries will take part in the summit. A high level official of US President Joe Biden’s administration is also likely to attend the meeting. Kiev is handling the preparations for this event. He said that Russia is unlikely to participate in the talks. He said that this peace talks will be held on August 5-6 and about 30 countries will participate in it. He also said that the news of the summit came at a time when US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had visited Saudi Arabia last week.

Brig Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) said that as far as Putin’s failures in the war are concerned, by invading Ukraine, Putin has actually succeeded in expanding NATO further as Finland and Sweden have joined the alliance . What is worse for Putin, he said, is that his regime is now becoming increasingly vulnerable. Their failures in Ukraine have also made it impossible for Russia’s obedient media to spin a victory story. He added that Putin’s response to the dramatic coup of Yevgeny Prigozhin in June further increased the perception of weakness. Initially it took several hours for him to appear in an emergency broadcast in which he spoke of a possible civil war and promised to eliminate the Wagner traitors. But once a hasty settlement with Prigozhin was reached, Putin’s press secretary retracted that strong statement a few hours later.

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