Exclusive: North Korea increases tension on South Korea border, is the world going to see another war soon?

This week in News Network’s special program Shaurya Path, we wanted to know from Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) that the construction of guard posts on the South Korean border by North Korea has increased the tension between the two countries. Could we see another war soon? In response to this, he said that at present there are no chances of war but if the tension between the two Korean countries increases then the possibility of war cannot be ruled out. The Defense Ministry in Seoul said North Korea had begun rebuilding guard posts and deploying heavy weaponry along its border with South Korea, he said. He said this came after both countries had withdrawn from a major confidence-building agreement designed to prevent war. He said media reports cited the South Korean military as saying it had found North Korean soldiers repairing secret guard posts that the regime destroyed as part of a broader military accord in 2018 Was.

Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi Ji (Retd) said that the South’s army has said that North Korean soldiers were seen digging trenches at places along the border and the regime had sent heavy weapons to the area. He said the region has been divided between the two countries since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War and is seen as a potential flashpoint in any future inter-Korean conflict. He said the two neighbors had destroyed or disarmed 11 guard posts as part of a 2018 agreement, but tensions had recently escalated over the North’s launch of a spy satellite last Tuesday in defiance of U.N. sanctions. After the increase, both sides appear ready to terminate the agreement.

Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi G (Retd) said that after the launch of the spy satellite, Seoul said it would suspend parts of the agreement and resume aerial surveillance near the border. In response, Pyongyang said it would deploy powerful weapons near the border and walk away from the agreement. He said the agreement came during a period of rapprochement between South Korea’s then-president, Moon Jae-in, and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un in which both sides agreed to dismantle guard posts within 1 km of the border. , had committed to ban military exercises and maneuvers.

Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi Ji (Retd) said that photographs distributed by the South Korean Defense Ministry to journalists showed North Korean soldiers constructing a temporary guard post and deploying a portable anti-vehicle weapon or light artillery. The pieces are seen being taken to the newly constructed ditch. He said North Korea has threatened to launch more satellites, a violation of U.N. Security Council sanctions because they contain technology used in long-range ballistic missiles.

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