Exclusive: Russia-Ukraine War has forced Putin to reach out to others besides Zelenskyy

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Brigadier Mr. DS Tripathi (Retd) said that America and Western countries are threatening North Korea not to give any kind of war material to Russia but still seeing the nature of Kim he will definitely supply to Russia .

This week in News Network’s special program Shaurya Path, we wanted to know from Brigadier DS Tripathi (Retd) what is the current situation of Russia-Ukraine war? In response, he said that at this point in the war, Russia seems to be somewhat trapped as drones are continuously reaching Moscow. He said that the special thing is that the drone reaching the Russian air base in Moscow is a big success. He said that if Ukraine is right in saying that drones have reached Moscow from inside Russia, then it is a matter for Russia to think about which enemies are sitting inside the country. He said that the way the Russian President has to seek the help of China, sometimes Iran and now North Korea to gather weapons shows that Russia’s power has run out. He said that the US has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as Russia wants war material from North Korea for the Ukraine war.

Brigadier Mr. DS Tripathi (retd) said that although America and western countries are threatening North Korea not to give any kind of war material to Russia, but still looking at the nature of Kim Jong Un, he is not ready to help the west. Will not obey and will definitely supply to Russia. He said that it is not only the President of Ukraine who is reaching out to other countries for war material and money, but the President of Russia also has to do the same. He said that the way Ukraine is getting F-16 and other deadly weapons from NATO countries, it is encouraged and it is not ready to back down.

Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi (retd) said that on the other hand, the killing of Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has also weakened the morale of mercenaries fighting for Russia. There is a feeling in them that Russia meets such a fate after its work is over. He said that if Russia’s hand is proved to be behind Prigozhin’s death, then Putin’s difficulties may increase as well-wishers of the Wagner group are sitting in the Russian army.

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