Nicolas Sarkozy and Johnny Hallyday, I love you neither

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These three would have preferred to spare themselves the front smiles. But this December 9, 2017, Emmanuel Macron, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy have no choice but to commune with the country to pay a last tribute to Johnny Hallyday. In the Madeleine church, in the heart of Paris, where Jacques Chirac is represented by his wife, Bernadette, the Republic and show biz join hands to say goodbye to “the idol of young people” who, in fifty tubes, electrified several generations of French people.

The most popular singer of the Ve Republic “admired de Gaulle”, ures the writer Daniel Rondeau, his friend. In the evening of his life, “le Taulier” in person confessed to the Point his nostalgia : “Pompidou was great! I regret that time. He was a good president. » In 1974, with his t-shirt “Giscard at the helm”he is convinced that the presidential candidate will be excellent… as Prime Minister.

The complicity between Jacques Chirac, who knew nothing about music, and the star of the yéyé is not in doubt, interspersed with nightly phone calls and flamboyant meetings. 1980s, 2 a.m.: “My Harley was stolen. You who are the mayor of all mayors, can’t you find her? » In 1988, in front of the 60,000 supporters of the Remblement pour la République gathered at the Hippodrome de Vincennes, he proclaimed: “We all have something in us by Jacques Chirac”after singing Something from Tennessee, the tribute song to Tennessee Williams written by Michel Berger. The latter, who votes on the left, sees red and makes it known.

With Nicolas Sarkozy, like many love stories, the idyll started with That I love you to end by “Excuse me partner for seeming so cold to you”. And even, Cleared. The fascination of young Nicolas – he was born in 1955 and his idol in 1943 – began during a concert by Johnny and Sylvie in 1967 at the Olympia, in the morning, as the former president told in Pions (The Observatory, 2019).

All his hits by heart

Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, an early fan of the rocker, notes their common point: “A form of generosity, gift, energy; they give their all”, said the man from Poitou, clenching his jaws and his fists. He chants his sentences to describe these “performing beasts that mix brain and heart, that communicate something to the room”. Two beasts who recognize each other, imbued with a virile culture. After the meeting or the show, exhausted and happy, we show our sweaty chest, we are a lion. “They are two hypersensitive, maybe that’s why they connected”, suggests the former adviser to Sarkozy at the Elysée, Franck Louvrier.

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