Nicolas Sarkozy will have lunch on Tuesday with LR deputies

The proposal had been made to him in the winter, it had not been able to materialize earlier. Nicolas Sarkozy will make a discreet return to the National embly on Tuesday, September 19, to have lunch with around fifteen deputies from the Les Républicains group, in the Questure premises. The idea germinated in the head of the deputy for Indre and former minister Nicolas Forissier, also a friend of the last president of the Republic of the right, who accepted the invitation as his entourage confirmed to us.

“There is no ulterior political motive. It is important to have regular contact with the one who remains the last president and also founder of our political family,” explains Nicolas Forissier. Objective of the meeting: “to have a good debate to talk about the state of the country, but also what he says in his latest book”. Nicolas Sarkozy did its return to bookstores at the end of August with “Le temps des combats”the umpteenth volume of his memoirs in which he recounts part of his five-year term at the Élysée.

Marleix and Ciotti have been warned but should not be at the meal

Nicolas Forissier invited around fifteen deputies from his group, “including some young deputies” who do not necessarily know the former president well. Not only elected officials on the “Macron compatible” line of the elected official from Indre, also the one advocated for a long time by Nicolas Sarkozy. Olivier Marleix and Éric Ciotti have “logically” been warned but should not be at the meal.

If the former President of the Republic had already come to the National embly for lunch with deputies at the end of June, they belonged to the Renaissance group. His relations with LR, whom he still considers to be his political family, have deteriorated in particular since the presidential election, when he chose to support Emmanuel Macron rather than Valérie Pécresse.

Not enough to scold some Republican deputies, always curious to hear their “ex” talk about his struggles, at a time when the right is still fighting for its survival.

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