Nigeria Considers G20 Application

Nigeria will consider applying to join the G20 after consultations are completed, Reuters reported, citing a statement by presidential spokesman Bol Tinubu.

“While Nigeria’s G20 membership is desirable, the government has embarked on wide-ranging consultations to determine the benefits and risks of membership,” spokesman Tinubu Ajuri Ngelale said in a statement.

According to Reuters, Tinubu will travel to the G20 summit in India on September 4 at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On September 1, Ngelale reported that the President of Nigeria would try to attract foreign investment into the country, including in infrastructure development.

Nigeria’s new government wants to spur investment rather than rely on borrowing to create jobs as it attempts to revive an economy struggling with record debt, a weak currency, double-digit inflation and a skeletal energy supply.

On September 3, Tinubu ordered the recall of all Nigerian ambadors around the world after reviewing the situation at consulates and embies. The President of Nigeria, as noted, is “determined” to ensure the effective and high-quality provision of services to citizens, residents and potential visitors of the country in the future.

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