Nikos Aliagas celebrates his birthday with astonishing melancholy

Nikos Aliagas in 2019. Niviere David

The host celebrated his 54th birthday this Saturday, May 13. The opportunity for him to let himself go, in a message published on social networks, to some thoughts on the page of time.

Midlife crisis? Nikos seems to be feeling vague on his birthday. And if The emblematic host of the TF1 channel warmly thanked his subscribers for the wishes sent on Instagram, he indulged in the same with a few thoughts on the page of time. “54 years already! Our time pes like a play of shadows and light as furtive as it is essential.

He then discusses precisely the day of his birth and the complicated delivery of his mother. “I think of this 19-year-old young woman who took more than thirteen hours to give birth to me in a small clinic in the eleventh arrondist… Another time, almost another world.” Before continuing. “And life goes on, with its procession of absent and present, with its joys, its doubts and its dreams.” The presenter and photographer urges his community: “Be happy and serene deep within your being, there is always a path of light somewhere.

More melancholy thereafter, Nikos Aliagas declares that “everything is page, like those candles that we blow out for the duration of a song. Expired time is never lost, it is the expression of our gratitude, an image experienced is an image gained in the face of the implacable amnesia of existence. To live is to learn to love, to accept the love of others too. His touching message concludes with “a thought to all those who were also born on May 13, my friends Christine Bravo, Florent Mothe, Laurent Cabrol, Lydie Clark and of course to my dear Greg, always present in the soul of the Grégory Lemarchal ociation”.

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