“No anger and not many regrets”, for Haise despite the rout at Arsenal

At a press conference, the Lens coach returned to his team’s rout this Wednesday evening against the Gunners (6-0).

I have no anger and not many regrets», reacted the coach of RC Lens Franck Haise after his team’s 6-0 defeat against Arsenal on Wednesdaysynonymous with elimination in the Champions League, because “there was too much of a gap between the two teams“.

On the difficult start to the match: When you make so many mistakes, when there are so many gaps in duels, in reading defensive situations close to your goal against a team like Arsenal who have accuracy and efficiency, you can fold your match very, very quickly. And there, in seven minutes I think (the score, which had been 1-0 since the 13th minute, went to 4-0 between the 21st and 27th, Editor’s note), the match was folded by one zone (the defense, Editor’s note) where we are usually pretty solid. That means we always have to learn, obviously. Raising our level, we were able to do it in one match (2-1 home victory against Arsenal at the beginning of October, Editor’s note), not in the second.»

Anger or regrets? : “I’m not angry, I don’t really have any regrets. When you lose 6-0, when the opponent is far superior to you and above all when you are not strong where you need to be strong… Our central defense, an extremely strong point for us, was at fault on all four first goals. If we are not strong on our fundamentals, it will not work. So I have no anger and not many regrets. I can have regrets about other matches, but there were too many gaps between the two teams. Arsenal can be very consistent at a very high level, today we can just make shots. That’s all the work that remains for us to do.»

The speech during the break: Stay united, don’t blame each other, continue to make efforts until the 95th minute, try to continue playing. We had this desire. And stay in a form of emotional control, too, because there is a sixth match which is important for us against Sevilla (a draw or a victory would qualify them for the Europa League play-offs, Editor’s note) for continue learning in Europe.”

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