No audience for Guillaume Meurice, threatened with death after his comments on Netanyahu

“Faced with the threats made againstone of the comediansthe show will exceptionally not be held in public this Sunday, November 12 for the safety of the Grand Dimanche evening teams”, the show Charline Vanhoenacker, we can read on the Radio France website. The show is usually filmed from the Maison de la Radio, and broadcast live.

During this broadcast, on October 29, Guillaume Meurice suggested an idea for a “scary disguise” for Halloween: he mentioned a “Netanyahu disguise”, “a sort of Nazi but without foreskin “.

Warning from Radio France

In a context of high tensions around the war between Israel and Hamas, the sequence aroused a number of indignant reactions, notably leading to referrals to theArcomthe audiovisual regulator.

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Guillaume Meurice received a “ warning » from the management of Radio France. The boss of Radio France, Sibyle Veil had then declared that humor “as perilous as necessary in difficult times”, is not “intended to add division to division”, pointing out the context and the “resurgence, in recent days, of anti-Semitic acts and racist.”

For his part, the comedian announced that he was going to “challenge in court” this warning from Radio France.

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