No charges in Britney Spears’ altercation with Victor Wembanyama’s bodyguard

The 41-year-old singer was vigorously pushed back by San Antonio security on Thursday in Las Vegas.

NBA prospect Victor Wembanyama’s bodyguard, suspected of slapping pop star Britney Spears, will not be prosecuted, Las Vegas police said Friday. “No charges will be brought against the person involved.“, said the police in a press release, announcing the conclusion of their open investigation for ault and battery.

Britney Spears filed a handrail over an incident Wednesday night outside a Las Vegas restaurant. She had explained Thursday on instagram being slapped by a member of San Antonio Spurs security, after “tapped on the shoulder» by Victor Wembanyama, whom she wanted «congratulate on success“. The shot “nearly knocked me down and ripped my gles off“, she was indignant, demanding an apology from the team and the player.

“Wemby”, premiere

Currently in Las Vegas to compete his first game with Spurs against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday evening, the French basketball player confirmed the incident, but ured that he only learned after the fact of the singer’s involvement. “I felt that security removed this person, but I don’t know with what degree of force.“, said the player Thursday after his training. “I didn’t watch, I just kept walking to dinner and having a good night“, he added, specifying that the safety of the San Antonio Spurs “briefed him» so that he does not stop in order to avoid «cause a crowd“.

19-year-old Victor Wembanyama is considered the biggest potential in world basketball since LeBron James, and was welcomed as a rockstar in Texas in June.

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