“No choice but to fight”: Ukraine facing the challenge of a long war

Martial law in principle prohibits demonstrations in Ukraine. But no one dared to point this out to the women who on Friday – like the previous Saturday – gathered in Kiev with signs, their children clinging to their down jackets, to implore the return of their husbands who had been stuck for almost two years in contain the Russian invasion. “It’s the others’ turn,” insisted the mothers. Forced by an air alert to leave kyiv’s main square, they ended their rally in the metro corridor.

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Their mobilization, which began timidly two months ago, poses in the public square a question that many in the capital would prefer not to have to face: how will the country organize succession in a war with an uncertain outcome, and which everyone has understood will be long ? At the dawn of a third year of conflict, Ukraine is seeing a new danger emerge: attrition.

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