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Release: 21 May 2023

We will go to the polls again on Sunday.

We are going to a Democratic election on supposedly equal terms. In addition to all the country’s facilities, Mr. Erdogan took the visual and written media, which is 95% under his control, behind him. It was not enough, politics has now even exceeded social areas and mosques have begun to be built in our holy places. Unconventional images in politics were also brought to the square screens. The language of politics has become very ugly. This was happening in the ruling wing.

On the other hand, the candidate of the national alliance, Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, was giving speeches that were cool, unifying and prioritizing brotherhood and love. He called democracy against one man. In the squares where he spoke, not only CHP members, but all colors of society were together.

The people did not say yes to one man in the election!!

He did not say yes in the first round to the candidate who said only to crown it with democracy and a strengthened parliamentary system.

This was certainly not a defeat for the alliance of nations. The first half of the match ended in a draw. The second half will be played on 28 May.

I want to address all citizens of the country here. The situation Turkey has fallen into with this system in which the authority is given to a single person is obvious. Our ties with the Civilized World have been severed. We are quickly rolling into the Middle East. The country is under the invasion of 13 million immigrants. Their birth rate is 4.2. At this rate, after 10 years, we will become immigrants in our own homeland. Isn’t this a real survivability issue?

The point of the economy is deplorable. Almost half of the country is forced to live on minimum wage. All economists are shouting that the central bank has been reset. Do not believe the perception operations of the government. AKP lost 7 million votes in this election.

I appeal to all citizens who did not go to the ballot box. We will go to the ballot box and cast our votes. The parliamentary majority is in the People’s Alliance. If we don’t go to the polls, we will face one-man rule in the future and we will be in situations that we can never fix. Do you look at the Islamic countries in the Middle East and the east, which are governed by one man…..

I would like to express my gratitude to all the citizens who supported us both in the squares and at the ballot box for a bright future during the election process.

Let’s cast our vote.

I share the memories of a traveler with you without comment.

CRISTOPH COLOMB stops by Jamaica for the necessary repairs of ships. Locals there help with repairs and provide food and drink to the crew. However, repairs do not last for months. Moreover, the crew of the ship plunder the food of the natives. The locals, angry at this situation, cut off aid and food. Desperate Columbus, while confusing the calendar on the ships, learns that there is a lunar eclipse the next day and immediately goes to the chief of the locals.
He tells the chief that he has communicated with God and that God is very angry at the interruption of aid, and that he will show this anger by turning the Moon blood red.
The next day, the lunar eclipse begins in the evening and the color of the Moon turns red due to the eclipse. Columbus’ son wrote in that memory diary:
“With groans and wails, they came towards the ships from everywhere, bringing food and drink, begging the admiral to tell God to forgive them.”
Columbus looks at the hourgl, the 48-minute eclipse is almost over.
He tells them that God has forgiven them and will soon turn the Moon back to its normal color.
The eclipse is over, the natives forgiven by God are happy, Columbus, who knows the workings of the universe, makes a single note in his logbook:
“Ignorance always brings slavery.”
June 1503

LAST WORD; Halide Edip asked Çakırlı Efe: Why do you persecute the people so much?
Answer: “To rule the subjects is either by knowledge or by cruelty, I do not have knowledge”.

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